Essie Fifth Avenue

No matter how many nail polishes one has, there is always this color you see on someone else's hands or feet and you say "Ooops how come I don't have it".

A month ago I saw a coworker wearing Essie Fifth Avenue on her hands. This lovely cream red with solid orange tint looked superb on her hands. I couldn't resist complementing her, surely for the color but also for her manicure, it was very well done on short nails.

One conversation led to another, I shared with her my addiction to nail polish colors. Fabulous surprise; I discovered a soul sister, here in the office next door a nail polish addict. Can't ask for a better encounter.

There started my first swap experience. Few days later she got me a box with many polishes including Essie Fifth Avenue. Tried all of them the same day :) and settled for the Essie for my weekly pedicure.

Beware if you try this color you will have hard time taking your eyes off your nails; It is beautiful and a must have!