I Made It!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your patience while I am adjusting to my new home. Actually, it is my old home. My family is in New York, and I am back! It was a long drive from Chicago, but I made it with boyfriend and puppy safe and sound, and surprisingly, I didn't break even one bottle of nail polish! Whew. I have however destroyed my nails, but I am trying not to dwell. How about some of my recent manicures to get us back in the swing?

This one I had on last weekend. It is Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue with CND - Jade Sparkle on top from their Effects line. It 's a duochrome gold/green shimmer. I liked this so much but it chipped almost instantly. Too bad. I never find things so chippy. I wonder if it was the Sally Hansen or the CND...

This is the amazing China Glaze - Four Leaf Clover + Hard Candy - Sugar Daddy + Sinful Colors - Call You Later painted as a gradient. This was on for the whole packing and drive portion of my move and I couldn't wait to change it. It was pretty and all but after so long and after all the moving chipped it up real good, it had to get it the heck off!

And this is what I did when I got here. I needed to relax after all the madness so I put on Rescue Beauty Lounge - Dead Calm. So fitting. Then to spice it up I add NYX - Sapphire, a awesome holo, silver glitter top coat.

Hard Candy - Lava. Needs no introduction. And no need to layer anything over it either. Hott.