Lainey's Pad

That doesn't work that great, huh?!! XD
I was thinking about "Lily's Pad", the green shade from Piggy Polish. Once I get one name stuck in my head for a franken or mani it is hard to change it so that is what I am going with!

I wanted to play with the lily pad and flower stamp on Konad plate M66. I decided to go with a blue base for the water and then wanted the pads randomly strewn across my nails with one nail having the water lily on it. Everything went according to plan, except for the fact that I streaked the lily pads when I put on top coat! Argh! **No more Konad for you Diamont!!**

I used Diamond Cosmetics - Tranquility for the base. This mani is ONE COAT of Tranquility, by the way. Amazing formula. Then I stamped the pads and flower with Konad special polish in green and white.

And I took my "pond" on a trip fishing with my dad. Here they are on the creek.

And here they are with my catch! My first catch of the year! A 10 inch brown trout! Yay! Sorry if you are not a fan but I am a fisherwoman. I would never hunt animals, however. EVER. But fishing is awesome. Oooh. That just made me think of a awesome pic I have from a couple years ago:

This is a different kind of "striper" than I usually show you. This is a striped bass I caught on the Hudson. It was 25 pounds! Krazee!!!!

So, what do you think of my pond?!