Melons and Mangoes

Woo hoo! Sunshine! How about a bright summery mani? :c)

I did a little something with a couple of my brightest, nearly neon, orange shades. I used Kleancolor - Mango and Santee - Neon Orange.

I put on Mango, the lighter of the two, first. Then I painted half the nail diagonally with Neon Orange. If you want to try this and can't get it on neatly, don't worry. I just slapped in on all over to get it where I wanted and cleaned it up later.

Once I had my base colors on I used a dotting tool to get the contrasting dots on either side of the diagonal.

I didn't really consider these neons at first, but now that I have them on they sure look rather neon. They photographed like neons too. They gave me a hard time. The pictures make them look all radioactive and more yellow than it looks in real life. The Kleancolor looks more peach in real life and the Santee looks more red/pink/coral in real life. They look more like the bottle shot above than the on-the-nail pics. I like them in real life more than the pictures. But this was the best I could do. Here is a swatch I did of Santee - Neon Orange a while back:

What do you think?