My first pictures

I do a pedicure once a week with a color change. I have learned over the years the perfect the nails painting techniques. I may qualify by now for a nail tech job - dream job for me - alas the pay is not enough to pay for my endless craving for new colors. I settle for my "more serious" job, and keep sometime during the weekend for the nails polishing fun. It cool, relaxing, top notch stress removing activity. I am wondering why doctors don't prescribe it!! (just joking)

This week I gave green colors a try. I picked "Jade is the new black" from the OPI Hong Kong collection. Application was a breeze, two coats were sufficient to give nice full green color coverage and the result was amazing.

The cream color is consistent indoor and outdoor, and stood out exceptionally on my fair toned feet. I was tempted to add some nail art but was running out of ideas.