On Ogre of a Polish

I recently had a wonderful swap with a lady in Israel and she sent me an awesome, unique and wild bottle of polish. This this is so cool for so many reasons. First off, the color is a murky, lime, Shrek green. In fact, if it met the new release from OPI it would say "Whoa, whoa... Who the Shrek are you?"

Besides for the color being reminiscent of an ogre, the bottle totally is too. It has to be the ugliest bottle in my whole collection. It is not attractive in the least... and yet that is what makes me attracted to it! It is bizarrely tall, and big, and looks like a big oaf next to my other bottles. Observe:

It towers above my OPI and China Glaze bottles and even Orly which I find to be rather large.

Here it is in two coats. Nice, smooth, even formula. And I love the slime, pea green on. But there is more...

I added some Konad stamping with plate M70 and China Glaze - Awaken, a black chrome. LOVE IT!!

What do you think?