NOTD: Updated crackle nail polish

It's a black bottle of nail polish. Or is it? It's a crackle nail polish. I have been wanting one for the longest time, so when I saw this one, I went for it.
Please click for closeups of this crapiness. I was soooo disapointed. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was not streaks. It doesn't look 'cracky' but more like lines running down my nails. This was taken indoors with flash to show the 'effect' or lack there of.

Boooooooo... I think this is going into the swap pile. >,< Maybe it works better in non-tropical climates... It does dry SUPER fast so watch out for that.

And I was home this arvo, so I decided to bully my black dog, Floppy.

Yeah! I think he's rocking the pink!

PS I gave him a doggy treat to make up for the humiliation.