USA is going on to the Top 16!!! I am of course talking about World Cup! I had a friend over to watch the game yesterday and we were screaming and flipping out and rolling around on the ground in fits of joy when Landon Donovan scored the winning goal in the 91st minute of the final game in group play for the U.S. which was the deciding factor of whether or not US would be moving on. If they didn't score to win they would have been eliminated, but they did, advancing them to the next stage of play and it made them winners of their group no less!! Amazing. So in the spirit of this extrodinary game, I am posting a U.S. inspired mani I did >>>


For this mani I used three of the glitter colors from Color Club's Glitter Vixen Collection: Art of Seduction, Sex Symbol and Sexy Siren.

1) I cut small pieces of painter's tape and covered about 2/3 of my nail at an angle and painted on Sexy Siren on the lower portion of the nail. I removed the tape while still wet to prevent any nicks.

2) On the remaining, unpainted portion of the nail I taped on a new piece of tape and carefully painted with Sex Symbol avoiding the blue I already did. I removed the tape.

3) I painted the remaining portion with Art of Seduction freehand.

The strategically placed star is there because I of course broke my nail before I got to take pictures of this mani soooo, that is the reason for that.

You can't see the break if I turn 'em though!

For the right hand I did the same method, I just switched around the colors.