Chanel - Paradoxal....ish

Have you all been nervously pacing wondering if it is a good idea to drop $23 for the new Fall shade from Chanel: Paradoxal? A lot of us are. It is beautiful, but.... $23? It's a hard pill to swallow. I can't help thinking there has to be a way to get the gray-taupe-purple shade with the violet shimmer look for less either by frankening (mixing different polishes together) or layering.

Then I had a polish revalation. A "lacqualation", if you will. I picked up a polish from CVS last week from a new line called "Confetti". The shade is called "Moonstruck" and it is that hard to peg taupey, grayish, purple, just like Paradoxal. Next I had to get some purple shimmer in there. I recently acquired a cool, gleaming violet shimmer in a clear base. It's Orly - Love Each Other. Then I threw that on top.

Looking at my creation I am sure it is probably a lot lighter than Paradoxal, but that is okay. I love this!

What do you think? Are you getting Paradoxal? Or are you looking for a cheaper option to get the look?