First attempt at French

I tried a few times a free hand French Pedicure and it usually turns out nice, only because I am using my dominant hand to paint the smiley line. When it comes to my hands, I have never been able to draw uneventfully the smiley line on my dominant hand. While visiting Asami's blog I liked her simple and yet beautiful French Manicure, using guideline stickers; I wanted to give it a try.

First try: I used guideline stickers from Seche which I got from 8ty8beauty a while ago. I applied the base coat waited untill fully dried then placed neatly the guideline stickers. Painted the tips with Essie Blanc and waited half an hour before removing the stickers. The white smileys were perfect but but but some stickers removed the base coat, other left the glue on the nail :( . I removed all and started again.

Second try: I found in my stash guideline stickers from Orly. I applied them on bare nails and skipped the base coat. Used again Essie Blanc for the tips and 20 minutes later removed the stickers resulting in perfect smiley line :) . Started to apply the nude color Essie Happily Ever After on the right pinkie nail Ooops got a little of white streaking, had to wait for another 20 minutes until the white polish has fully dried up on all nails. Applied 2 coats of the Essie nude, waited for another half hour before applying Seche Vite to reduce the shrinking effect, etVoila. It looks very nice and elegant, and for both hands.

After two hours, and two attempts I thought enjoying the look of my first not so bad French Manicure so I did not venture into rhinestones or nail art but I will surely give it a try.