NOTD: Green Witty Repartee

Here's a mani I did that I wish I'd worn to my niece's 'Princess and the Frog' birthday party last month. It goes so well with the theme! Hello, yellow green and green and glitters and swirls???
Unfortunately, my inspiration struck late and I did this a week after the party. Hence the title of my post: this mani, like my 'witty repartee,' is wittiest long after the conversation is over.
See the princess below in her Disney finery.

Another look at the mani, this time together with the polishes I used. The glitter looks yellow on bare nails, but is lovely with tiny gold glitters and red and green flecks. I also used Zoya Verouscha (from Christy) for the dark green swirl. Can you read the tiny tag? It says, "Screw the lid off and apply the nail color on the nail. Screw on the lid and tighten it after using." Wow, gosh, I didn't know to do that! Who woulda thought??? ;)