NOTD: In the Garden (Land and air ^.^)

Hi ladies!

I took out the brushes and did some nail art ALL BY MYSELF. Even my right hand. Wah!

I used Revlon Red (2coats) for the ladybugs. PA dark jelly green (4 coats) for the grass.

Cute right? I'm loving it! Even though the bugs are a bit cross eyed.

Then I used a nameless/numberless Rainbow creme blue (2 easy coats)

Tadah! It's a lovely colour.
A bee! It's not original, I saw it on some one's blog a while back and I can't remember who! But it's a great simple idea. I can't believe I drew that bee with my left hand. Not bad considering huh?

So you like? Does anyone else draw funny things on their fingers too? ^^