NOTD: Un-named but not Un-numbered Pink Foil Skinfood

Hi ladies!

I love skinfood. Did I mention it? I was lemming foil polishes at one point, and i realised, NA DUH I already have a few. Its been overcast all day so here a few quick photos. And the number of this is 24QY1. Useful huh? ^.^
Outdoors in overcast sky with flash. 2 coats.
Look at the glow! Pictures are really colour accurate but they don't really capture the complete wonderfulness of foils.
Indoors without flash. Looks flesh toned almost when lighting is dim. It's a bit more pink than this really.

I'm not really a big pink person. In fact, I traditionally shun red and pink polishes on myself. I prefer 'pop' colours ie colours that pop.

So what nail polish do you like on yourself the best?