When a bet goes Orange

All around Europe the craze for the FIFA cup is getting wilder. Now that the finalists are European, one from the south and one from the north the bets are most unusual.

My favorite team did not make it anywhere, not even to the quarter finals, but I would have never thought that the Dutch team would reach the finale. My Dutch coworker was consistently supporting her team from the beginning. I was teasing her half way through the FIFA cup thinking the Dutch team would never make it to the finale that I made a bet I will paint my fingernails the color of her team if they make it.

Here I am with Orange tips, ready to support my Dutch coworker's team for tomorrow's final game. Fortunately my bet ends after the game as I am not yet comfortable walking around with painted orange fingernails!

I picked OPI A Good Mandarin is Hard To Find . I had to apply three coats to get the right coverage. This bright orange cream is more of a summer color though it is part of OPI Hong Kong spring collection. The color looks great on darker skin tone. But hey summer time is here and sun tanning is a must every week end.

Join me in supporting the Dutch soccer team, wishing them a smashing win ...

As for the toes, the left big toe had an ugly break, I had to shorten all :( . I had the same pedicure for the past week, OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui. Nice cool blue color. It does not scream but surely does not go unnoticed. I guess I will go orange tomorrow on the toes and will post new pictures. Surely not the same color as hands, I prefer a mismatch. All suggestions are welcome.