China Glaze Fight Like a Woman - Fall 2010

In support of womens' battle against breast cancer, China Glaze has released a set of empowering pink shades. Check them out>>>

- Soft soft, almost white, shimmery pink. I loved wearing this one. I had it on for a looong time. It love the softness of it and how shimmery it is. There are little glints of green in the shimmer that I just love. This is three coats.

Endurance - Bright, glass-flecked, super fun raspberry! I want to call this Cosmo. Raspberry Cosmo. So fun! This is three coats.

Empowerment - Cotton candy, pink creme. I like the soft look of this and it's rare that I like pink polish so much, but this one really grew on me. I actually wore it twice. :cO weird. It's soft and squishy which gives for a great end result, but the application was not what I would have liked for a creme. It was a bit streaky and took three coats.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

Fight Like a Woman will be available in September in beauty supply stores and beauty salons.