Chinese Dessert and Thank You!

Me and a friend went for dessert today. Or tonight.

In the very chinese place at Bugis. I was sooooo posing. Check out the "i'm too cool to smile' look.
My friend, Zan, doing his usual crazy thing. When we get together, it's always madness.
He had black Glutinous rice with almonds and vanilla ice cream. It was yummers!
I had the black chin chow (or grass jelly) with syrup. It was cold and refreshing. And each bowl? Nothing over $3.
Random picture of a juntion at Bugis Street where we were.

I just want to say that I am truly blessed. I have so many fantastic friends that I love. And I know I have got their back and they have mine.

So a big hug to all my lovies! And kisses to my readers. You all mean so much to me. I was going through a very difficult time earlier this year and this blog and my friends have helped me get through it.

Thank you all for your support. ^.^ More than words could ever express, I am grateful.