Fiber Manicure: The Manly Sort

I saw this in Daiso and I had to get it. ^^ Cos I'm a manly man.

Ooooo Fiber manicure!
You want?
In case you feel a bit wussy for wearing a woman's nail care product. FOR MEN!
I did apply this over my pink thumb but this is ONE coat. It didn't smell too bad either. It dried to a high glossy finish. No top coat here at all. I might actually use this one for a full Fiber manicure one day. I saw nothing to justify fiber in the name.

And for the curious, here are the instructions and precautions. For nail polish MAY KILL YOU!

Please click to enlarge. It's a good giggle. Especially for our nails 'will be looked nicer'.


My pink hair. Forgive the terrible picture though...