Jungle Boogie

**UPDATE** TO ALL LOVELY LADIES - Thanks for the comments! I am in love with this! I tried to find it earlier on Nubar's site too and didn't find it so I was guessing it was discontinued. Then it hit me. I received my bottle as an extra from a sweet swapper in Latvia. There wasn't an original label on it either. She put a label on herself that said "Jungle Boogie" and in the letter it mentioned a franken, (a homemade mix of several polishes) and I am kind of slow sometimes and didn't realize this was the franken! If I can find out what she used I will let you know!

After having "safe" work appropriate colors on all week, I was dying to get something loud, sparkly, blingy and obnoxious on my nails yesterday as soon as I got home. So I reached for a new baby I got recently. It's Nubar - Jungle Boogie. (not. see above)

It's a full coverage glitter (my fave!) and it is comprised of very small green, blue, yellow and purple glitter. The over-all color is mostly green but it's really set off with a few red and yellow string glitter in there. The string glitter isn't overpowering, and it isn't even half of the total glitter, but it is noticeable, in a bit of a subconscious way. It's evoking an emotion out of you when you look at it, but you don't know why. It's amazing.

I have so much to bring you once I have a second to swatch. It's been crazy over here! I still have China Glaze - Fight Like a Woman, OPI - Swiss, Ms. Manicure kits, and some newish Sinful Colors. Have no fear!