NOTD: Mini Skittles

Gold, pink and blue!
Faceshop gold 3 coats. Skinfood 1 coat. Rainbow blue 2 coats.

I wanted something to match my hair. I put in bright pink extensions to celebrate my life as it is now. Which is AWESOME!
Indoors with flash.
Natural light indoors with no flash.

I love skittles. Don't ya? I say Mini cos I only did 3 colours. And I will take pictures of my hair soon. I need a friend to do it for me.

And as for the apartment?

They took my check. But they haven't banked it in yet. So I will know if my offer has been accepted in 8 days. But bank loan is coming along fine. No issue at all. I'm so thankful.


Forgive me if I'm bouncing off the walls in joy. I'm just so tickled pink.