Too much colour might be a bad thing...

I'm all for dying hair. Heck, I even have pink hair at the moment.
But has anyone ever dyed their ummmm Va-jay jay? I was kinda curious cos my beauty palour offers the service. But I am a 'wax off' kinda girl so what's there to dye?
So hands up! Who wants to try?

But on a side note, I found this picture (or more Hongie found it and sent it to me)

It's taken from devientart. And although I don't know the artist, all rights go to her/him. And if you want me to take it down, please let me know. I didn't draw this but I love it!
Haha no? I'm a big fan of Avatar (the tv series) but I don't yet kinda wanna watch the movie. I know its bad. But it could be so bad that its good? Or is it just me being hopeful?