Blog Awards and Back to Blogging

Hello everyone! It has been a while, so I thought I should address some things first before I start posting again. First things first: Awards!

Some very lovely bloggers have nominated me for a few blogging awards.

I was tagged for the Sunshine Award from both Nails & More and Polish & Konad. Thank you to both the lovely ladies that host those blogs. Go check them out!

Next up, Polish & Konad also gave me the I Your Blog Award. (Thank you for both nominations, I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness!)

And next, amused Polish gave me the Sweet Blog Award. (Thank you, you're certainly a sweet blogger!)

Now I know these awards come with rules, but I have a confession, one of the reasons I haven't posted in the recent past is because I couldn't decide who exactly to nominate. Not because there is a lack of wonderful bloggers who deserve these awards, but because I feel there is an overabundance of bloggers who all deserve to be recognized for their blogging, but the rules of these awards limit nominations to only a select few.

Rather than have this feel like a high-school gym class with picking out individuals before others to play for a certain team, I would like to share these awards with everyone. Now while I also know that I am essentially tagging all the blogs I follow, at the same time, the only reason I notice when these blog awards get passed around is because I can find new nail blogs (and even other blogs that aren't nail related) that I have yet to have seen.

The nail blogging community is a strong community and with that comes the personal belief that each blogger and her/his site I have seen on here deserves an award for blogging, so while I am technically nominating all nail blogs I have found (and even those I have yet to find), I really wanted to write this post just to simply point out that on the right side of this blog I have a compilation of the nail blogs I have found so far.

Go now!

Check them out.

Follow them.

(One, or all if you please.)

So, if I'm never nominated for another Blogger Award again because I don't following Blog Award rules, well, I guess that's ok. But I really wanted to make a reference to all the lovely nail blogs out there that I have found so far, some that still have under 20 followers, and with the fact that I know the nail blogging community is as supportive as it is, I find this truth to be surprising.

To date, I only have up to the A's completed from the nail blogs I follow, but if you have a nail blog (or any other type of blog) that I do not follow, let me know. I will eventually have all the nail blogs I follow listed (or I hope, for the most part).

Now on a separate matter, I am back to blogging. In fact, I already have three posts edited and lined up to be published on this blogging site here.

Thank you to all those people who are still following my blog (I know I lost a few, but that's understandable). And thank you to all those new followers as well. I hope you all continue to find my Blog enjoyable and informative!

Bye for now!