New Borghese Glitters - Fall 2010

Hi! I went on hunt and came home with something to mount! I went looking for a new collection from Borghese because I specifically wanted the glitters. There were two I got and 4 others I didn't. One was a raspberry shimmer/micro glitter and the other three looked to be re-releases from the holiday minis from last year, just in full sized bottles. I swatched them as a guest blogger on Vampy Varnish here. They are the gold, black and red ones.

Anywho, for the ones I did get, they are amazing! They are super-pigmented bases packed with multi-colored glitter.
Purple Confetti - This is a plummy base with silver, blue, green, gold, red and purple glitter. There appears to be mostly silver which through the purple looks purple. But then the glints of greens and reds really sets it off.

Mediterraneo Sea - This is a aqua base packed with the same glitter. It is the same, but looks different. The glitter seems to lean more green in this one thanks to the silver shining blue green from the base. Really cool.

These are very well pigmented, as I said before. I got them both on with two coats, no problem. The only thing about these, and it's not huge, is that they dry matte! It is so weird. I don't care because I would put a topcoat on them no matter what, but they are very unflattering without it. Take a look:

It could be that if it dries matte it allows for having a pigmented base without swallowing up the glitter. I don't know... I am just thinking here...

The best part about these is that at Rite Aid this week they are BOGO and they have a $1 off coupon on the display. So for $8 polishes, I bought them both for $7 total. Not bad!

What do you think?