NOTD: Some Brand I got in Bali

Hi ladies!

Nothing is more liberating then a new hair cut and colour.

And of course, some seafood.
 Salted egg crab.

 Frogs fried with ginger and onions. Yummy.
Chilli crab. Classic singaporean dish.

Pork ribs cooked with a rich coffee sauce.

The aftermath. Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Note how the crabs were sucked clean.

This polish I got in Bali for Rp 6000. Which is about 80cents in Singapore. It was watery, streaky and hard to control. But its a lovely sky blue and I would use it again.

And since I have a tan, I can finally use coral nail polish! This was a cheap brandless $1 nailpolish I found. It was chunky and the brush was a nightmare. This is 4 coats. Top photo with flash, bottom without flash.

Hope you like this!

BTW: Bali does not look like how it does in Eat, Pray, Love. You know the scene where Julia Roberts is cycling in among the monkeys? To get there in Ubud, you must climb down A LOT OF STAIRS. There is no way you could cycle then. But then again, what do i know compared to Hollywood? And Bali ain't that clean. And everybody smokes everywhere.