Luck of the Irish

Hello ladies!

OPI Who the Shrek are you?, Jade is the New Black and Skinfood white all on my toes. Luck of the irish I say!

Warning! Toes ahead.

I just really like this colour combination. I applied it a bit haphazardly but I always made a mess of my toes :P Anyway, it all peels off in the shower.

So, don't forget to enter! I will use a random number picker thingie from the internet.

Good luck! :) Maybe you can try my lucky toes!

Elianto's Night Glitters No. 19 Giveaway!

A Korean brand with names and numbers for their nail polish? *gasp*

Elianto is the new Korean kid on the block here in South East Asia.  apparently a Malaysian brand. I asked the sales lady where they were from and she said Korea! (>,<) She lied! Or how could she not know what country the brand is from?!?!!?!?!? Very very strange (;.;")

"In 2005, Elianto was introduced and the first store opened at First World Resort at Genting Highlands. With 53 stores nationwide include East Malaysia and 13 Overseas franchise outlets. In the near future, Elianto planned to expand it to 60 local outlets. The latest addition is at the Pavilion KL and Lot 10, KL. In 2008, Elianto planned to opened another 20 outlets nationwide to capture larger market share.
Elianto also ventured to overseas markets vie franchise. The markets opened to date are at Philippines, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Future overseas market strategy includes Asian countries i.e. Thailand and China, Middle East countries i.e. Kuwait and Jordan and South Asia countries i.e. India."
They have lovely nail colours and so so packaging.

The makeup looks rather meh as does the skin care.
But the nail polish bottles are pretty!

This is a lovely olive and a dream to apply. And guess what?

I'm giving it away! Yes, I thought of all of you ladies and got 2 bottles!

So, this is a super mini giveaway. You will get this nail polish, a suprise one and 2 facemasks from Elianto!
 The prize plus a mystery nail polish! \(',')/

1. Contest ends 3rd Dec at 12midnight (I'm easy, I will allow an entry at if it's still 3rd somewhere in the world.)
2. Once I choose a winner, you have 24 hours to reply. Or I will pick another.
3. Contest is open intenationally.
4. You MUST be a follower to enter. One comment per entry or I will get confused.
5. Please leave your follower name and email (1 entry) and what is your favourite nail polish ever and why in the comments section (Bonus 1 entry).

Thanks ladies and good luck! (^^)

OPI Burlesque Glitter Swatches

The OPI Burlesque Collection was an amalgamation of both OPI glitters and foil-ish shimmers. Before the Holiday season is up and these polishes are no longer available, I thought I'd compile a few swatches of the four glitters I bought (out of the six that make up the glitter part of the collection). Get these nail lacquers while you can!

The glitters that interested me the most were (from left to right) Bring On The Bling, Sparkle-icious, Show It And Glow It!, and Simmer & Shimmer.

Now I do my swatching just a bit differently than you might see on other blogs, so I thought it was worth it to show you, and share my experiences with these glitter polishes.

To test the opaque factor of each polish, I layered my middle finger and pinky with a half coat of one of the two matte polishes shown above. I used both OPI Alpine Snow Matte and OPI Russian Navy Matte because the mattes leave a nice surface to paint on and they are both dramatic shades (one being very light, the other very dark), to contrast with the glitter polishes.

First up, Bring on the Bling. This polish looks mostly gold in shade along with a sparse dispersion of other colors of glitter. The other two colors in the glitter I thought stood out the most were the green and pink pieces of glitter, so while this color is great for the Holiday season, I think it will also make a great Spring polish.

On my index and middle fingers, there is one coat of Bring on the Bling, with two coats on my ring finger and pinky.

With one coat you can clearly see distinct gaps, where the glitter seems to clump in some places while it's missing from others. At two coats, the white matte under the two layers on my pinky is not really visible. Two to three coats will give you complete coverage with this glitter polish (depending on how heavy handed you are painting on the polish), so no undercoat would really be needed.

OPI Sparkle-icious is the polish that a number of people were hoping would be a dupe to Mad as a Hatter. Well, it's not, as you'll see a few photos down, but besides that, this is the only glitter that differed from the rest of the glitters in this collection.

One coat on index and middle fingers, with two coats on my two right-most fingers (as shown in the photo above and below).

Sparkle-icious proved to be different from the rest of the Burlesque glitters because it is equal parts gold, blue, and fuchsia glitter, with all pieces of glitter being the same particle size. Because there are no micro-particles of glitter as there seem to be in each of the other glitter lacquers, this polish does not get complete coverage in two coats (as clearly visible on the pinky nail - far right - where the matte navy blue shade is still visible under the glitter polish).

In the picture above, on the left is Mad as a Hatter, and on the right is Sparkle-icious. You can clearly see from the bottles standing side-by-side that these lacquers are different in shade. Biggest difference? Mad as a Hatter leans more silvery-violet, while Sparkle-icious has no silver and the purple shade of glitter inside the bottle leans more pink than purple.

Show it and Glow it! is a pink/purple shade. What is interesting about this lacquer is that while it leans towards the violet section of the color wheel, it clearly has a variety of other colors including silver, a bit of yellow-gold, green, blue, and possibly other colors that makes this lacquer more of a hidden gem than it first seems.

On the left two fingers is one coat, and on the right two is two coats. On the middle finger over the white polish, you can see that the micro-glitter in this polish is the same fuchsia color as the larger glitter, which is what leaves this lacquer looking very pink and purple in hue.

Two to three coats should give you complete coverage, but you can get away with two coats, without any major gap of your nail showing through.

OPI Simmer & Shimmer (or Simmer and Shimmer, as I sometimes refer to it) is the blue shade of this collection. Like Show it and Glow it!, Simmer & Shimmer is made up of a multitude of different glitter particles, but because it also has blue micro-glitter in it, the polish leans more blue than any other shade.

One coat of Simmer & Shimmer on index and middle fingers, two coats on ring and pinky.

Two to three coats will give you great coverage, so a base color is not needed on this one.

So there are the four glitters I have to share with you. Get them while they're still in stores if you are considering buying any! Do you have a favorite from the collection?

Well, like all glitters they are a pain to remove, but worth it if you want a truly Sparkling polish! From the collection, Sparkle-icious is the only lacquer I would say really needs an undercoat of a solid color if you don't want to see the nail underneath it. And in terms of dry and wear time, all of these lacquers dried surprisingly quick and stayed on well for the few days I tried two of them out as full manicures.

Hope this helps in your Holiday/nail polish shopping!

Nicole by OPI - Holiday Magic

For the Holidays this year Nicole has released a set of four shades that are supposed to " complement winter wardrobes" and "add a magical touch to any occasion". Let's take a look>>>

Bring On The Tinsel - This is a clear base with blue, green, silver, gold and red glitter. At first glance I thought it was red, blue and silver, but no! There is gold and green too! This is 4 coats. It's not full coverage but it looks good on it's own.

Spark My Mistletoe - This is a fiery red glitter with large, holographic, hexagon glitter thrown in. The red also flashes gold which I just love. This is definitely going to be a layering polish. I am thinking of all kinds of layering combos for this...

Stuck In The Chimney - This is a soft, brick red. I keep wanting to call this mulberry, but I don't think I know what color a mulberry is. This has a bronze shimmer throughout that I really love and I love the name!!

Kiss Me At Midnight - Vampy burgundy with red shimmer. This speaks for itself. It reminds me of Sinful Colors - Rich In Heart but that shade may have been darker. This color got noticed when I wore it. Lots of compliments.

Overall I love this set! Great little holiday collection and unique in comparison to other collections out. Great shades and great formula.

Nicole - Holiday Magic should be out now and is available at ULTA, Meijer, Harmon, HEB and Sears.

What do you think?

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Holiday Jewel Basket by Nubar

For the holiday's Nubar has released a gift set of seven shades, including lots of glitter, Diamont top coat and base coat all wrapped in a little cube with a little basket that you can put nail tools and things into. Let's take a look at the shades>>>

Competition Red - Dreamy, creamy, red, red red. Is it just a red creme? I guess. It is a very nice rich red and I like the formula in comparison to other red cremes I have been trying lately because it is more like a true creme than jellyish.

Pixie Dust (over Competition Red) - This is a super shimmery, white/silver dusting of little particles. This is meant to be worn as a top coat. This won't get you full coverage but it is beautiful.

I love looking at the bottle. It's like a magical snow globe.

Silver Glitter - This is a dense, full coverage silver glitter. This is three coats.

Grass Green Glitter - This is a full coverage green glitter with little flecks of gold. This is 4 coats. I wasn't terribly impressed with the formula. It's still patchy after 4 coats. I am looking forward to wearing this over Nicole - Fell From The Tree.

Ruby Red Glitz - This is a red jelly with little red glitter. I love this! I had it on for 5 days which for me is like a decade.

Heavy Gold Glitter - This has to be the best formula for a glitter, EVER. This is two coats, it is full coverage, it was even, smooth and just perfect.

NOT Pictured: Nubar - 2010. 2010 is a flakie in a clear base that was released in the summer and is a close dupe to Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure and GOSH - Rainbow. It accidentally was forgotten in my samples but if it shows up I will post it.

This is a the basket. You could put about 5-6 bottles in it, but not close it, or you can keep little manicure tools in it.

The Holiday Jewel Basket retails for $49.95 on

What do you think?

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were furnished to me by the manufacturer or PR company for review. For more information please visit my disclosure policy.

Fly the Flag!

As most of you know, I am a Singaporean girl, born and bred.

I know the streets, the sights, the sounds, the smells. I could show the secrets of our little tropical island.

This is our flag.
And I'm quite proud of our country.

In fact for National Day, we have many songs to commerate our independance.

One of the oldies yet goodies is "Stand up for Singapore."

Then, I found this.

Ummmmm... Stand up for Singapore?????????


Who didn't notice this epic fail????

Homework Assignment

I saw this ages ago in Readers Digest. And I remember almost peeing in my pants!

A first grade girl handed in the drawing below for a homework assignment...
 After it was graded and the child brought it home, she returned to school the next day with the following note:

Dear Ms. Davis,

I want to be very clear on my child's illustration. It is NOT of me on a dance pole on a stage in a strip joint. I work at Home Depot and had commented to my daughter how much money we made in the recent snowstorm. This drawing is of me selling a shovel.

Mrs. Harrington

So, the moral of the story?

Check your kid's homework before you let them hand it in. 

Leafy Konad

Hi ladies!

A forest green with white leaves? Classic! Forget the state of my hands and handiwork. I haven't konaded in so long. Was super shakey. Plus this plate was meant as a French tip one. So I tried layered 2 stamps to join up!


But now I know and I might try this again. It looks like a camouflage pattern. Speaking of which...

My brother is in the army. In Singapore, all males must go through National Service for 2 years. (Yes, that is the pattern of our Army uniform.) So, my dog, Floppy, had to as well. Being a boy and all.

Yes, SIR!

At ease, Cadet!

YES SIR! Thank you SIR!

Also, the garden has been doing well. :) It's the rainy season so the flowers are blooming!

Cookie wanted a picture too :)
Yes, I'm such a poser. But my hair is now red. And I need a picture of that but not today. I'm having a bit of a cold and I look and feel gross.

Can you believe its ALMOST Christmas?

And I'm leaving Singapore for Canada in 15 days!

China Glaze 'Tis The Season to be naughty and nice

For the holiday collection this year China Glaze has released a beautiful set of 16 SHADES! I am stunned. This is not only amazing because it is 16 polishes, but it is amazing because they are gorgeous colors. I have swatched all of the shades and did a couple comparison swatches. Swatches and reviews first and comparison s second. Let's take a look!>>>

Ruby Deer - Bright, bright tomato red. Sort of jelly in finish and has a fantastic smooth formula. So, so smooth. Amazingly smooth.

Phat Santa
- Another bold red creme but darker than Ruby Deer.

Mrs. Claus - This is very interesting! This is a sheer red with silver glitter. I am so intrigued by this because it seems soooo sheer but with three coats, the color and the glitter still hide any VNL. Very impressive. This reminds me of candy canes. It also reminds me of Zoya - Astra, although it is absolutely not a dupe.

Mommy Kissing Santa - Deep, burgundy red shimmer. This is velvety and smooth and delicious. I love this! I had a client comment that it was gorgeous and very Christmas-y. I said that it was funny she should say that because it was from a Holiday set!

Sugar Plums -Wine shimmer with sparse, tiny holo specks. Similar to a discontinued China Glaze fave, Crystal Ball, but not a dupe.

Naughty and Nice - Deep, deep, almost black, burgundy creme with a jelly finish. I loooooved wearing this. This is three coats, although when I did a mani I did two. When I did this swatch I guess I forgot how to paint my nails and needed to do a third coat to even things out.

Little Drummer Boy - Navy/denim shimmer. Very nice. I wanted to say that this isn't terribly unique/exciting, but I also don't have anything close to it. What did excite me about it, though, is that it has an out of this world formula. Super pigmented and smooth. You can get away with one coat with this one.

Jolly Holly - Wow! This blew me away. This is a rich green with golden shimmer. So beautiful. Just like Little Drummer Boy this is an amazing, smooth, super-pigmented one coat dream.

Mistletoe Kisses - What a cool polish! It makes me smile when I look at it! This is a mix of a really neat, soft green that is sort of between emerald and jade, completely packed with super small silver glitter. Very pretty. I couldn't decide if this is a two or three coater. I guess it's two but I did a third to be sure. I probably could have just stayed at two. This swatch is with top coat and one coat makes this polish smooth. It's not too grainy.

Peace On Earth - Wow! Striking, olive shimmer. This is one of my faves of this collection. I did a comparison with a few other olive shimmers below.

Jingle Bells - Classy gold. This isn't a very yellow gold. It's more or a neutral gold. Very pretty. The finish is hard to describe. It isn't quite a foil. It's sort of a chrome, but not as chrome as a chrome... if that makes sense! It's like a pearlish chrome.

Midnight Kiss - Partying yellow gold foil! There is no ambiguity here. This is definitely a gold foil. This is two coats.

Party Hearty (over white) - Fun! This is a clear base with large red hexagon glitter, smaller green hexagon glitter and even smaller gold and silver glitter. This is two coats over white.

Snow - White Cream. Nothing noteworthy. I am always interested to try a new staple like white creme to see if it may be like, the best white cream ever. But this one isn't . It a standard three coat, sort of difficult to apply, white creme. This is three coats with top coat.

Frosty - Pretty, delicate, snowy, pearly shimmer. It's not like a typical shimmer. The particles are sort of like small pearly pieces. I really, really like this on. It is sort of sheer so it needs at least 3 coats unless you want to layer it over something. This is actually 5 coats but that is because I kept getting my middle finger uneven and had to add more to fix it, but then it was way off then the rest. I do like the look of 5 coats though.

Cheers to You - Silver fun foil. Very pretty and flashy and awesome, but not unique.

And as promised here are a couple comparison swatches:

Sugar Plums on index and ring and China Glaze - Crystal Ball on middle and pinky. Crystal Ball is thinner and has more holo glitter. Sugar Plums only needed two coats, but Crystal Ball needed three.

Peace On Earth comparison. From left to right:
  • Peace On Earth
  • China Glaze - Cat's Eye
  • OPI - At Your Quebec & Call
  • Peace On Earth
I was hoping that Peace On Earth would be close to an amazing discontinued olive from China Glaze: Cat's Eye. Cat's Eye is more metallic and not as green.

Midnight Kiss on index and ring. Orly - Luxe on middle and pinky. Close, but not dupes. Luxe has more silver particles giving it a less yellow gold look then Midnight Kiss.

'Tis The Season is available now online and at retailers. What do you think?! :c)

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were furnished to me by the manufacturer or PR company for review. For more information please visit my disclosure policy.