Leafy Konad

Hi ladies!

A forest green with white leaves? Classic! Forget the state of my hands and handiwork. I haven't konaded in so long. Was super shakey. Plus this plate was meant as a French tip one. So I tried layered 2 stamps to join up!


But now I know and I might try this again. It looks like a camouflage pattern. Speaking of which...

My brother is in the army. In Singapore, all males must go through National Service for 2 years. (Yes, that is the pattern of our Army uniform.) So, my dog, Floppy, had to as well. Being a boy and all.

Yes, SIR!

At ease, Cadet!

YES SIR! Thank you SIR!

Also, the garden has been doing well. :) It's the rainy season so the flowers are blooming!

Cookie wanted a picture too :)
Yes, I'm such a poser. But my hair is now red. And I need a picture of that but not today. I'm having a bit of a cold and I look and feel gross.

Can you believe its ALMOST Christmas?

And I'm leaving Singapore for Canada in 15 days!