New Drug Store finds

While hunting drug stores, I found some fun new displays in Rite Aid. I picked up a couple that I have yet to swatch, but I did snap some [camera phone] pics.

Jesse's Girl - High Intensity Nail Color
- I didn't actually pick up any of these but they did have a few interesting shades. There are neons, some shimmers and a polish that looks like a Charla dupe and also one that looks pretty similar to RBL - Scrangie. (The Charla dupe isn't actually in this pic. They were already snatched up but I know they exist because I saw them in another store.)

Wet n Wild - Fast Dry - This is a set of 9 quick-dry shades. Notice the glitter bomb on the left. (I got that one)

Oke Doke - Here's one I haven't seen before. It's to bad the front row only has the one teal color. Behind that wall of blue there is a purple, gold, red and perhaps one more? I can't remember now. I grabbed the purple to swatch for you.