Perfectly Polished Tips 167 - No More Rack MARCH MAKEUP MADNESS

Starting right now, March 29th, nomorerack is doing a 60 hour Makeup Madness deal. All you have to do is sign up and than share your referral link with your friends and family. If those you shared with sign up you get FREE make up. They don't even have to buy anything.Brands included in the giveaway are MAC, Lip Fusion, & Lancome. I also think there is an OPI mini set as well.

nomorerack is trying to get the word out about their site & I love that they are offering this promo. The promo is 60 hours only it ends Thursday, March 31 at 12AM PST.

ps; i will be back to my regularly scheduled polish posting soon! the sun is finally out and i have polishes waiting to be shared. :)

RGB Toast Extended!

Want to win RGB Toast?

Would you love to win a bottle of this coveted colour? Even named 'perfect' by L:ucky magazine?

Well, my ladies, there's a contest open for you!

From now til the 28th of March, you can win a bottle, yes you, a bottle of this nail polish?

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Terms and Conditions
Duration: Now til April 11th
Winner will be announced on Monday, April 15th
Open to Singapore-based Polished Serenity readers only.
Winner will be picked randomly by Polished Serenity and FTM.
Judges' decision is final
Winner will be contacted via email.
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So hurry!

Perfectly Polished Tips 166 - No More Rack

nomorerack is a website that runs daily deals on various products. Subscribers can find high-quality products for up to 90% off of retail prices. The site runs one new deal per day in a few different rotating categories. They have things for women, children, men, home, beauty and more.

Some highlights of the site:
  • no invitations needed, just go on over and sign up
  • new items are posted at 9AM PST/12PM EST and subscribers are sent an email prior to the release
  • nomorerack offers $2 flat rate shipping and boasts amazing customer service.
nomorerack also offers FRIENDRACK; subscribers are able to send free $10 nomorerack virtual gift cards to up to five of their friends who sign-up to shop; $5 nomorerack dollars are credited to the referrer’s account once a friend makes their first purchase. Your account will also be credited $5 for each friend’s first purchase – no matter how many friends you refer!

i've been playing around with the site and seems pretty nifty. who doesn't like getting good deals on everything? especially now with two small children running around, the less i have to go out and shop the better. if you check out the site let me know how you like it! the site addy again is : nomorerack.

Saints Vs Sinners

Hi ladies!

As most of you know, I am a sucker for Anna Sui and Jill Stuart makeup. Warning, this post is really picture heavy but...

I promised pictures and here they are!

Firstly, my translucent powders.
I love the anti-Sui and the Anti-Jill.

This is my shimmery transulcent powder. It smells like roses but to be honest, I haven't even opened it yet. I LOVE makeup but I tend to hoard. The words 'special edition' also strike a cord in my soul.

Pretty in pink! While Anna Sui is edgy, Jill Sturt is the ultimate girly girl makeup. It smells like roses too but a more subtle fragance. A very toned down Anna Sui.

STASH! (The eye makeup palette is old but the rest are new.) 2 different types of blushers, a lipgloss and an eye palette.

Swatched without and with flash. Like most 'japanese' makeup, it's subtle and shimmery. Very good for a toned down dewy look. I piled on the eyeshadow because just a swipe is barely enough to show any colour.

Blusher No 1. Note the 2 tone powder. And the little bling bow on the brush! The brush is NOT great. I think it's goat (from the smell). The brush just doesn't seem to capture the powder at all. Use your own. But it's so pretty. Imagine taking this out of your Fendi in the powder room. Feel the death envy glares :P

Blusher No 2. A 4 tone blusher designed to contour your cheeks. It's untouched but I do have one that I am using. It's great to add a rosy shimmer to your skin. It does give a very natural glow. Again, brush sucks!

Note BIG PINK BLING! Soooo in love! I haven't tried it yet. Cos, I have wayyyy too much. But so pretty, how to use?

Bonus item! This is not Anna nor Jill. Who is it by? Guerlain, that's who. I love the kohl applicator. The packaging? Again to die for. It reminds one of exotic Istanbul, I can almost smell the shisah and turkish delight. Note the holographic quality of the eyeshadow. It's like a mermaid's tail. Hmm... Turkish Delight.

Speaking of which, I'll just go sniff my transulcent powder. Might just keep the sweet cravings away.

But I hope you ladies enjoyed the pictures. I'm sorry I can't say too much about application or wear time.
My eye shadows are used with a base, Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Worth it, makeup will not move.

Soooo, til then,
Happy polishing!


Hi ladies!

For weddings, you need something blue. So fingers and tootises it is!

I was a bit pissed off with my manicure cos, despite paying extra for OPI products to be used, my manicure was bubbly. (@.@)

It happens to the best of us but should not when we get it professionally done. But it was cheaper than my usual place. And you know, peanuts, monkeys.

Click on picture for closeup of bubbles! It really annoys me *growl*

But this is OPI's ??????. I forgot to get the name. Anyone can help? It's a pretty dusky blue but a bit meh. I'm not screaming I want. The lady at the shop used 2 coats and yes, she did paint alllllll the way to the cuticles. Thus why its peeling a bit at the top. This is 4 days old.

Now, OPI's Yoga-ta get this blue? Preeeeeeeeeeeeetty! I adore the mirco silver glitter in it. It really adds depth to this lovely navy. 4 days old as well. My other foot has a chip but that's my own fault for wanting to greet tables that way.

Not forgetting, congrats to the happy couple! May you have many many joyous years of peace and love ahead!

Sorbets Better

After I posted The OPI - Texas Collection I felt bad about it. I felt like my pictures really didn't do the sorbets in the collection justice. I took them under a daylight bulb before so this time I took them in sunlight and I also used a base acting as "underwear" to hide any VNL. My Underwear color is a franken I made using white creme, OPI - Dulce de Leche and Essie - Mucho Dinero. It created a soft, but clean, fleshy tone to lay my sorbets down on.

Ya'll Come Back, Ya Hear?

Big Hair, Big Nails

Guy Meets Gal-Veston

Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em

Do You Think I'm Tex-y?

Houston We Have A Purple - unfortunately the sun was gone by the time I did this

And for fun (and for my readers!) I did this. Sorbet Skittles!! So yummy

Do these look better to you? I really felt like these needed another chance. They are really pretty, and fun and have a great, glossy, squishy finish.

What do you think?!

A New Start... A New Beginning... And New Feet!

Hi ladies!

I have been missing for a loooong time.

Here's the rundown of my life
  1. Got a new house
  2. Renovating house
  3. Trying to sell my car
  4. Got a new job
  5. Learning to ride a motorbike
  6. Trying to jumpstart a fitness routine (Keyword is try)
  7. Lost my cell. Lost all numbers. Went crazy for a while.
  8. Feeling anti-social and grumpy.
  9. Trying to save money.
  10. Learning to work within a budget.
And what's my new job? I got a writer's position at a magazine. A real-life true to goodness publication. Actual paper, comercial but it's not smut. And I get to travel. *beams*

But with all the good, sometimes, you just worry, how's it going to fuck up now?

I know it's negative and I should keep my chin up, I deserve happiness blah blah blah.
But somewhere deeeeeeep inside of me just whispers that I don't deserve it. It's gonna blow up soon.


I try.

Anyway, new feet?

I recommand you look no further if you do NOT like feet.

Peeling liquid. Intriguing. Sign me up please.

Cos it would be a different solution for your right and left foot. By the way, I got this from Tony Moly for a about S$25.

Before. Thick heals. Grossness abound.

You put on these plastic socks, pour the 'foot' soloution in and then you tape it on. If you look very closely, you will notice I used some extra tape. For that firm hold.

Keep it in for a hour and a half. Watch some Law and Order, play some Plants Vs Zombies, slowly squish waddle your way to the loo... and you are done!

Ummm... No difference? My feet were slightly red and a bit itchy. Was beginning to think this was a bad bad idea.

But then (warning: GROSS PICTURES AHEAD)

Yes. That is dead skin that peeled off 2 days later.

How much?
And this was only about 1/8 of the skin I peeled off. I decided to show just some of the bigger chunks. The skin that came off could have wrapped my Lush Bon Bon lip scrub!

It was extremely satisfying as the skin between my toes peeled and the skin on the top on my fool. I actually had perfect soft almost baby-butt smooth feet.

It worked.

You must try it!

Want to win RGB Toast?

Would you love to win a bottle of this coveted colour? Even named 'perfect' by L:ucky magazine?

Well, my ladies, there's a contest open for you!

From now til the 28th of March, you can win a bottle, yes you, a bottle of this nail polish?

To participate, Polished Serenity readers simply have to subscribe to the FTM newsletter and 'like' the Facebook fanpage.As a bonus, contestants are also in the running for the Cupcake Capers contest where you stand to win a dozen cupcakes from My Fat Lady. Best thing is, you can customise them any way you like! You could even have RGB toast-coloured cakes.

Terms and Conditions
Duration: Now til March 28
Winner will be announced on Monday, April 3
Open to Singapore-based Polished Serenity readers only.
Winner will be picked randomly by Polished Serenity and FTM.
Judges' decision is final
Winner will be contacted via email.
And even if you are international, please subscribe. I am in the talks for an international contest. *nudge nudge wink wink*

So hurry!


Nubar Spring Garden

For Spring this year Nubar has created a collection of pastels. Now, usually that is everyone's Spring collection, and usually that is disappointing because there isn't too many ways to change up pastels, but these are actually different. They all have a softness to them, mostly due to the silver, pearly shimmer in them.

Pink Lily - This is a soft pink creme that leans on the peach side. The shimmer is pretty hidden in this one, but it's contribution makes a difference.

Earthen - This is a "greige" creme, that is more on the gray side than beige side. The pearly shimmer really stands out in this one and makes it look less like mud than most greige cremes.

Baby Sprout - Super cool, soft green pastel green. It's not so much a mint... it's like a ... baby sprout, I guess. It reminds me of mint gum. This one is a bit more white and stark that some of the softer colors in this set.

Blue Hydrangea - This is a bright, baby blue with strong, pearly, silver shimmer.

White Peony - This is a super soft white creme that is soft in texture: it's sort of squishy, and it is also soft in color as it is slightly off white, or maybe a smidge yellow or ivory. It's a bit difficult to explain but it's beautiful. It also had an amazing formula for being white. Very easy to apply.

Yellow Primrose - This is a very, very soft yellow with pearl finish. It is so soft of a yellow it is almost wrong to call it yellow. It' s more like a cream shade.

Purple Aster - I love this one. This is a gorgeous shade of lavender. This is one of the ones in this set that has more shimmer than others. I looooved wearing this. It's very pretty and delicate, but interesting and not boring, but not flashy and too noticeable. Good work shade.

Honeysuckle - If you have been searching for a polish in Honeysuckle to satisfy your need of the Pantone color of the year in a polish form, here it is! It is a creme with a slight jelly finish. Very pretty and flattering.

Dewdrop (over Purple Aster) - To complement all the shades in this collection, Nubar released this iridescent glitter in a clear base.

These are available now for $49.95.

What do you think?

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were furnished to me by the manufacturer or PR company for review. For more information please visit my disclosure policy.