what the crap

Okay so I know it's 2011, but who would have thought bean bag chairs would be so hard to find?? Ten years ago you could have gotten them anywhere and now I feel like I'm on a wild goose hunt, without a gun...

In other news I called my boyfriends cousin tonight to see if she could hang out at the house while our son is sleeping so we can go to a movie. She tells me her dad is in the hospital. Okay picture this, a man who is a chronic drinker and smoker, who just recently had a heart attack, got it? So he decided to get on a mini bike, evidentially went over the top, and landed on his face. Not such good news, but she (his daughter) and I agree it was dumb of him to do such a thing. No one will know anything until the morning, but as of now we know he has a broken nose and some brain bleeding :/ Sounds like a great Saturday right? Someone should junk punch the kid that brought that shit to his house, for serious.

So we will be going to see the Hangover 2 tonight, wish us luck! This will only be our third, yes third time out together without our son, should be interesting.