Ahh the girly art of doing your nails and toes!

Thanks to a friend of mine, I am now obsessed with doing my nails and toes! It all started off with a swirly nail design, sounds cool right? It's a pain in the butt! Butttt it looks awesome! Here is how mine turned out :D

Well as most of us females that ever paint our nails know it doesn't seem to last long unless you have acrylic, so I took it off today because it had been chipping all over my damn house, and i did something different :)

My nails are now leopard, and I have a quick few pics on step by step :D

First do a clear base coat, then white (normally you have to do a few layers of the white to get it so it's not all streaky)
Once the white is dry you need a black nail art pen (you can get them pretty much anywhere) free hand a leopard print design on, leaving enough open spaces for the colors you are going to put on later.

Once that is dry apply your colors (I did mine inside of the circles I made)

And tada!! you have awesome nails that you didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for! :D
These are the colors I used for mine :)

Once I was done with my nails I decided I wanted to do zebra on my toes :)

once again start with a clear base coat, once dry choose your color and apply a few layers

Once dry add your sparkle polish, mine matches the color of the no sparkle polish that way I don't need to do 14 layers of sparkle that will NEVER come off later :P

Once dry get that black nail art pen again and free hand your zebra design :)

tada!! once again you did it at home and didn't have to fork over your money for food for the next month!

and these are the colors I used :)

I wish I could say these three were allllll my idea, but hey I'm not a jerk like that. This chick has videos on how to do each of the three that I have done so far, as well as other ones I have not tried before :) http://www.beautylish.com/profile/yivcy/videos

Happy painting!! :D