creeper alert!!!

So I took my little man for a long walk to a park about 1 1/2 miles down the street or so. We are playing in the grass and two other moms with their little ones walk up to me and ask if I know this guy sitting in a car in the parking lot. I'm like uh no, why. So they tell me this guy has been watching them, and their daughters, getting out of his car, getting back in. Moving is car to different spots in the parking lot for like an hour. Never talking to anyone or doing anything other than the creepy things mentioned above.

So the half hour we were there the guy was still doing all these things, it really weirded me out, so I called the cops on the guy. The dispatch told me there was some shooting going on (O.O) so they would send someone out as soon as they could.

Nothing like going to the park on a nice day and calling the cops :/