not really sure why...

today I got to thinking about friends that I have that cannot have children. Or even the ones who have had a really really hard time getting pregnant and having a sticky pregnancy.

I feel blessed that I have a beautiful healthy baby boy, yes he can be a handful at times but eh such is motherhood I guess.

We did loose our first pregnancy which will always hurt me, and Dave for that matter. I even got a tattoo on my left wrist to remember the baby by. But even with that pain we were able to have our son.

Some people in life never get the chance to be parents, and it makes me sad. I see all these little 16 year old girls running around knocked up, no issues with their pregnancy at all, then I think of the baby we lost, of all the babies my friends have lost, and my friends that cannot get pregnant, and it all just doesn't make sense to me.

I know religious people will say "it's all in God's plan" but really it's crap. I wish there was a way to bless all the couples that have been trying to children with their wish, for my friends that have had numerous miscarriages for that to have all gone away.

Life sometimes just isn't fair, at all. It saddens me some days. We got lucky, we have our child, and even if we cannot have more, we at least have him. Some people will never get that chance, it makes me heart hurt.

There are so many deserving couples that would be amazing parents that never get that chance, all while these stupid immature uneducated 16 year old on Teen Mom have no issues >.<

*SMH* *sigh*