epic cupcake FAIL!!!

Ugh...so earlier today I decided I wanted to make some from scratch cupcakes again, decided I wanted to do a cookies and cream theme this time, because well honeslty I love cookies and cream. No biggie right?

So I find recipes that look good, go to the store and get the things I need that I don't already have with my stash of 47 hundred baking things.

Come back, we put our son to bed and I ask Dave to help me out since he's home, hmm.... Batter gets made and I he puts them in the oven, I didn't realize he put both pans on the same shelf in the oven :/

So they come out soooo sad, crispy on the edges, sunken in and the middles on some were still doughy *sigh* So I think "I can save these with the filling and icing!". So I finish up the filling which is like a marshmallow cream kinda thing, finish up the buttercream icing and add Oreo pieces that we crunched up really good and I start to assemble them.

Not too bad at first, I realize the recipe for the filling is about 100x the size it needs to be, guess my dogs are going to go into a sugar coma tonight once I put it on their food, either that or we will wake up to a colony of ants O.o yikes!

Once I put the icing in my piping bag and start to go, the first one looks okay, not as neat as I like them but good enough. Move on to the next, utter fail! Cookie pieces kept getting stuck in the tip and causing everything to look like a 5 year old did it, I couldn't keep it from happening so I said eff it and just plopped scoops on with a spoon.

Not the prettiest things in the world that's for sure, but maybe they will taste good right?

WRONG!! They are soooooooo sweet I'm pretty sure I just died and had to be brought back with a carrot stick, no freaking kidding this would put a diabetic on their ass, and into the hospital after that O.o

Maybe in different settings each would be good, but the combo of the three together is a no go.

I'm so sad :( I love to bake cupcakes and I normally take pride in them, love to share and show off. Not this time, so now I'm here with 23 of the worlds sweetest cupcakes. What do I do with them now???

Here's some pics just to give you and idea of the overall fail of a night of baking lol.

So we have the one that looked okay, what it looked like once you were into it, and what the rest look like *sad*