Grape to meet you!

So this weeks Monday mani challenge was to do something fruit related. Seems easy to some of us, and hard to others. Since I have the fimo fruit pieces I just figured I would do something cute with those.

So I was going about getting different colors together to go with the different fruits, and I was looking through my untried polishes, sooo many purples!

And **bam** like Rick James bitch slapping me across the face, it hit me!

GRAPES!! I can try out all these purples and be creative doing different colored grapes! Even the old man said it was a good idea ;)

So here are my grape nails :D Sorry it's not the best picture, my camera is in the process of moving on to a better life, but I am keeping it on life support, it kind of hates me.

So how do you think they turned out? I really love them!! What's cute is my son will probably be looking at them funny in the morning, and he always pushes on my nails like he is trying to smoosh them when I have a design on ;) He is so cute :D

So anyway from my thumb moving to the right I'll tell ya what colors I used.

OPI- play till midnight- gorgeous dark purple, but in the light has a lighter purple shimmer
OPI- the color to watch- so pretty! needed about 3 coats to get it the color it is though
ESSIE- sexy divide- and sexy is right! this deep purple is beautiful!
SINFUL COLORS- verbena- creamy lighter purple, beautiful for the summer
CHINA GLAZE- senorita bonita- holy crap I'm in love! Best part? I got it for $1.99 on discount at Sallys!

The green for the stems and middle finger grapes is China Glaze starboard, and the white dots are Finger Paints paper mache.

I hope your mouth is watering after seeing my nails! It sure does make me want some juice...or wine ;)

Happy painting!