Guaranteed to make you smile :)

No polish post today, just wanted to show off my kiddo ;)

When he go up from his nap today I put him on the floor and we walked (yes! omg he'a walking all the time now!) over to his side table and grabbed his fedora, I put it on him and he got all excited and went down the hall to the living room.

Once we were in there he kept playing with the hat so I of course had to get the camera out :D My kid is silly, and it is SO hard to get a good picture of him anymore since he is such a wiggle worm, but I did manage to get this one of him after he put his hat on again <3

How cute is my kid?!

Now tell me you didn't smile ;) This is one of his new faces he makes at me since getting teeth in lol...he is so silly :P 13 1/2 months old and a personality bigger than him already!