I feel loved!!

I am so freaking excited, like a 6 year old on Christmas morning! Next week will be nail mail heaven! One of my good friends bought me FIVE yep five new bottles of polish today (I guess I'm just so awesome and she loves me so much? lol no idea) and is giving my three of her old colors that she never wears anymore.

SCORE! So 8 bottles coming from her.

Another friend of mine has three crackles that she doesn't like/use, so those are also coming to me, I just paid for shipping.

SCORE! 3 more bottles from her.

I also bought 10 bottles off a blog sale, she's moving and trying to downsize. These bottles have been used but not even enough to even notice, I paid $13.50 for TEN count them ten bottles WITH shipping!!

Score!!!! 10 more bottles!

So in all I am now looking at getting 3 different nail mail packages next week, with 21 bottles of polish total! I am in love <3

Now I just need to convince my mom and friend back home in VA to go get me one of everything in Funky Fingers and I'll be set for a while! <3

Happy painting!