I'm seeing stars!!

Okay, so I LOVE stars, but I had yet to do anything star related on my nails, so I did a Google search for "star nails" and found a beautiful set on The Daily Nail's blog , I loved it so much I just HAD to do it!!

So I did :) I used Sinful Colors Frenzy for my sparkle, Sinful Colors Black on Black for the top, and Sephora by OPIs matte top coat over the black :)

So for those of you that don't want to read the other blog, it's pretty simple! You paint your nails whatever color you want the stars to be, let it dry and use those little multi colored star stickers that teachers have as the template. You put it on your nail, paint over it and peal it off (I had to use tweezers btw). and tada! You are done!

I did free hand my left hand, and used the stickers on the right, needless to say the right looked better! lol

So here it was right after I was done.

Then since I got my multi colored nail rhinestones in the mail yesterday, I used some of those too! I used one matching blue one on each nail, sorry they are so messy in the picture! It was before cleanup because I was just too excited to wait :P

I love them! And I plan on doing these again in the future, maybe in my school colors once we start back up, I am the president of my college's honor society, so it would be good I think :) Your turn to try now!

Happy painting :)