letting the creative juices flow!

First off, how do you guys like the new look of my blog? I changed it up tonight :)

Secondly, yay for new polish! I went to Sally Beauty and CVS Pharmacy today and I got a total of 13 new polishes for $29 total, not too shabby right? :D That also included two nail files, a nail art pen with stencils and toe separators :)

Here is my haul for the day!

So I decided to get a little more creative today and try some things that I had seen and also just do some swatches of all the colors I have thus far :)

Here is my first attempt to do "notebook nails", a friend of mine found and posted a picture of these and I fell in love! I thought, "how perfect will this be once fall semester starts!" Here is the original picture that I saw http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l6c4xzLtt81qcf4fho2_500.jpg and my version is below, granted it's not as clean but I don't have all the tools I need to do it really nice yet, I just wanted a practice go at it, not too bad right?

Then I tried my hand at a tape mani again (idea came from this blog http://chloesnails.blogspot.com/) I thought the pink and green would be super cute with a watermelon in the middle, what do you think?

One of the new colors I got today is Finger Paints brand and is called "Tiffany imposter" and what girl doesn't like Tiffany & Co right? Personally I love seeing my little blue boxes every Valentines Day (what can I say, I'm a lucky girl) but now I want to see it on my nails! Here is my idea of a Tiffany & Co. box, thoughts?

And last but not least are my color swatches so far, I did them in rainbow order because I'm a little OCD about things like that :) The last three on the second color wheel are holo glitters:)

I would love suggestions on what I should try next!

Happy painting!