mmm rainbow sherbet! ON MY TOES!

So just like with the cotton candy nails I did on Monday I was inspired by ice cream in our freezer lol, my rainbow sherbet!

So I started with doing my toes a base coat of green (KleanColor Melon Green), then I sponged on orange (China Glaze Papaya Punch) then sponged on pink (Orly Flirty) and tada I have yummy toes!

I know some of you hate feet, and I'm sorry but this is cute! Come on, it won't kill you to look ;) I promise! ;)

So we have inside with flash, outside in natural light, and outside in the sun, I really need to get better with my toe cleanup skills *whoops*.

What do you think? I think these colors are beautiful together and perfect for spring or summer!

Happy painting! :D