my nail obsession

Doing my nails has become a new recent obsession of mine, I'm reading nail blogs to get ideas and wish lists for new colors, I'm watching tutorials on all different designs, and I'm drooling when I walk past nail polish in the stores...good lord!

On a good note, I have been doing my nails while my munchkin is napping, it does take some patience to make sure it looks good, which for me is normally not something I have much of. But I have come to realize it puts me in a bit of a trance, I focus solely on my nails and making them look good and forget all the troubles of my life, even if it is only for a few minutes at a time.

Went to Walgreens last night, just for a lighter for our sparklers, and had to walk past polish, there are a TON that I would love to have! But I was good **for now** and left without buying a new one.

My last mani was light blue shimmer polish with pink polka dots, it started to chip so I re-did them today, orange with black tiger stripes!

I guess I'm feeling a bit wild today ;) The orange polish is called "cloud 9" and is by Sinful Colors, I'm not normally and orange kinda girl, but I love it!!

Happy painting!