My son makes me laugh :D

So tonight after Brendan and I ate dinner we went to play in his playroom (daddy's at work *sad*) so we are having a good time throwing the ball back and forth, this is a new thing for him btw, and for those of you that don't know he's 13 months old :) Anyway all of a sudden I'm like crap...I need to...well yea you get the idea.

So I put the baby gate up to keep in the playroom, it's the only room in the house fully baby starts to get sad because he can't see me and I'm not in there, well he shuts to door and starts to scream because he shut it...sorry but it kind of made me lol, so then he starts to bang on the door with what sounds like both hands...he is sooo dramatic!

Next thing I know he is CRACKING up, and squealing as loud as can be!

*light bulb above my head* there must be a cat in the room...he loves our cats, dogs too but for some reason he always gets really silly when the cats are around :P SO not only is my Aly cat entertaining him while I'm uh, well yea...but she is locked in there because of the door lol

So all I can assume is he was chasing her around the room all while laughing and squealing as loud as he could <3

Once I actually went in there Aly was hiding in his tunnel lol

I love my silly boy! <3

I'll leave you with a picture of my boys! He doesn't look like his daddy at all...nope not at all ;)