Ohh why hello vodka!

Last night I had the first drink drink that I have had in about two years!! Crazy I know, but I was pregnant and was a good girl, then I was nursing and was a good girl.

So then once I weaned my son, I started to look for my favorite vodka again, and too my surprise I couldn't find it!!! The one store that carried all the flavors no longer has it, so last night I got lucky and found it!


So now I'm going to show you steps to my most favorite put on my big girl panties drink!!

Start with some wine glasses, well because you want to be fancy ;) Add some ice

Then add your grenadine, this stuff is awesome!

Here's the best part, ADD VODKA!

and last but not least, add Sprite, and tada!!

You now have the MOST delicious Shirley Temple you will ever drink, guaranteed!!

I was even good and only had one last night, figured if I had two I would probably get drunk, and I don't want that seeing how last time I was drunk I was looking in the closet for the toilet...ahh good times! :P

It's just nice to have my favorite around as a just in case I'm having a bad day and need a swig kind of thing, feel me? :)