ohhhh prettyyyy! Icing-glimmer

So here I am changing my polish again, I actually left the pink polka dots on for two days!! *shock and aw*

So I went through my untried and decided on Icings Glimmer, it looks like a bottle of champagne broke open and settled on my finger nails, I freakin love it!

So the Icing brushes are super awesome, big and wide, covers almost my entire fingernail in one stroke, which is awesome!!

So here are the results. As always we have inside with flash, outside in natural light, and outside in the sun. Sorry I know some of you are jealous about me always having sun but hey it's Cali :P

So inside it's pretty, but get in the sun and hellooo mama it's gorgeous! I really really like this and best part is I got it half off ;)

What do you think?

Happy painting! :D