summer-time nails and toes!

Once I put my monkey down for his nap I did my nails and toes :)

I decided to do a lime green on my toes (Pure Ice- Wild Thing) and use some of the little fruit pieces from the wheel that Jess sent me today :)

This is a close up of all the fruit pieces...yea I know I'm Ms. State The Obvious tonight :)

And this is what my toes ended up looking like :) I used Wet N Wild, Wild Shine in silver over the top of everything....what can I say, I love glitter!

I did my nails different :) I used Sinful Colors- Unicorn (which ended up taking FOUR yes four coats so it wouldn't be streaky, live and learn, next time I'll do a base of white!) and with a toothpick I did the bumblebee designs :) It didn't come out quite as clean as I would have liked, but that's because I don't have a brush small enough to make it really clean and neat...yet!

It still turned out super cute!

I have to say that I got this idea (as well as others I have planned in the future) from :) she has really good tutorials!

Not only did I do my toes and nails this afternoon but I even played around with one of my color wheels trying out some new things, and other ideas that I have seen on other blogs, some of them came out cute, some not so much lol.

The one beside the bumblebee is Minnie Mouse inspired and also from the tutorials on cutepolish, the orange with red and the three color one beside that are supposed to be tape manis, but they didn't turn out so well :( I got both of those ideas from the others are just things I was playing with, like the Pac Man stuff :)

If you want to know what colors I used, or how I did any of them, feel free to ask! Happy painting!! :D