Tiffany Diamonds

Ah...the famous blue box.

This design is quite simple and looks good with a combination of colors, but when I layered the silver over that ubiquitous shade of blue, I had a certain diamond in mind....

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Diamond ring, that is!

Tiffany & Co. hold a copyright to that famous blue shade, so no nail polish matches exactly, but China Glaze's For Audrey is quite similar (and is meant as a reference to Breakfast At Tiffany's/Audrey Hepburn/etc). There are a few similar shades (almost dupes) to the famous Tiffany's color and For Audrey; Orly's Gumdrop is one of those almost-dupe colors. For this manicure I used Gumdrop and Dazzle, which is also by Orly.

For Step 1, you start with your base color. This is two coats of Gumdrop (though I could have gotten away with one, which is why this is such a great polish to use).

Step 2 is where the blue painter's tape comes in! You'll need four strips of tape for each nail, and the width of the strip doesn't matter, just as long as it can cover your whole nail diagonally.

Begin with two strips. Place one strip diagonally on your nail, where the top of the strip starts at the upper left corner of your nail bed and travels across to the middle-right of your nail. Taking the second strip, place it parallel to the first strip, where it will begin at the middle-left of your nail and hit just past center-right.

Now the objective is to complete the square/diamond, so keep in mind that you want the next two strips of tape to lay on the nail in a similar fashion to the first two. So, you'll start with strip 3 (the first strip in this second set), and place it from top right diagonally across your nail to middle-left. The final strip will complete the square shape, so place it where you need to (around mid-right to just past center-left) in order to have the last two strips be parallel to each other, while being perpendicular with the first two strips of tape. If you need to rearrange the strips, pick up the last two that you applied, and try laying them on the nail at a different angle to see if you get a better diamond/square shape than before.

Step 3 is to simply add a top coat!

And there you go! Now you have a diamond for every finger!

So what do you think? Does this design bring to mind diamond engagement rings from a certain blue-boxed company?

The great thing about this design is that it works with any size nail, you just have to angle the tape strips to fit across your nails. For longer nails, you can even do a row of diamonds down the center of each nail!

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