What do you collect?

I know a lot of my followers are polish-aholics much like myself, but what else do you collect? I'm curious!

For me I have my polish, I also collect frog stuff (taken it down quite a bit over the years though) picture frames, shot glasses, and salt and pepper shakers!

here's my polish collection as of now I have 94 including base and top coats, nail art and crackles (so far anyway ;) I have about 30 in the mail to me right now too lol)

I have 26 frogs, I used to have a lot more but the things I go rid of were all very juvenile, like stuffed animals and toys :P

I have about 50 shot glasses from all over the place, when my family and friends go out of town they always get one for me :) I have no place to display them right now so they are in the closet :(

I have 8 different salt and pepper shakers, cutesy ones ya know?

and as far as picture frames, yea...lol I have 61 frames that hold 77 photos, and one of those is a digital frame so it's got like 30 pictures on it lol...and it's not cluttered! I don't really do paintings and art in my house, I do photographs :D

So what do you collect?