China Glaze BFF, more holo yummyness!

I had some requests to swatch my China Glaze BFF that I just received in the past week, so I did it today :)

Last night I did a dry marble with BFF, TTYL, FYI, DV8 and QT but I went to bed early and didn't change my nails up last night, so today I figured I would try the marble out on one finger, and I'm glad I only did it on one! Since the holo polish has a different formula it was much more brittle and hard to work with as a dry marble.

So I did BFF on all of my nails and on my ring finger I have the marble, I love how it turned out! What do you think?

I also got my last nail mail package (that I know about anyway lol) from Ginger, DS Passion! I now own three of the DS line and I have yet to wear any of them, probably because I just got them all this week :P But I will! and soon, I promise! :D

Until next time readers! Happy painting :)