China Glaze DV8. holo goodness!

Yay for holo polish! I got this beautiful blue baby in the mail yesterday from one of my best friends, isn't she awesome!? And the girls at Face and Friends voted for me to swatch this one first :) I put it on last night, but there was no point taking pictures inside so I waiting until this afternoon to use the California sun to show how pretty the polish is!

This is only the second holo I have worn, the other was China Glaze FYI which also belongs in this same collection. Other than the fact that holo polish is sooo pretty, it also seems to dry super quick! Which of course I love!

Onto the pictures, anddd commence drooling!

Gorgeous right? It would be a little bit more holo but I used SV over it which dulled it down just a bit.

So what do you think? Do you have any colors from this collection? Which one is your favorite?

Until next time! Happy painting :D