Need a highlighter? I've got one!

Hey readers! Sorry it's been a few days since I posted! I actually really enjoyed my galaxy mani so much I left it on for Sunday night, Monday, and up until like 9 tonight! **shock** and I've also been super busy with school, so after dinner tonight I got around to redoing my nails :)

Being in classes again inspired me! I looked though my untired and was like "hmm this yellow looks just like a highlighter!!" and I had my plan!

I totally forgot to do a white base first (for those of you that don't know it helps out a lot with neon colors) so it took three coats of Kleancolor neon yellow to get the color I wanted, then I topped it with OPI DS shimmer, I love it! I'm not big on yellow but this is in your face bright and is soo me!

So my cleanup is getting really good right? Until I took these pictuers I thought I did a badasses job haha too bad there is residue on my fingers! guess I know what I'm doing after I post this :P **runs off to clean off residue**

Other than yellow being on my fingers *lol* what do you think of the color?

Until next time! Happy painting :D