Winner winner, chicken dinner!

So a little while back Jossie did a "guess this polish" contest, I got the right answer! When I got the email saying I won, I was stunned, I never win anything! On top of that the prize was going to be a surprise, so not only nail mail but super surprise nail mail!

I got my prizes today and I am super stoked! Both of these polishes were on my wish list, so Jossie, thank you! You rock my socks!!

Since I just did my splatter tonight there was no way after all that I was going to take it off to swatch right away, so I used my boyfriends nails instead (hey...he let me!).

So we have Orly bubbly bombshell, and Orly star of bombay.

They are both so pretty! What do you think? The only problem with the bubbly bombshell one is that I dabbed it on verses doing strokes with the brush, it would need to be applied like 4 times to get it to look like that otherwise :P But the star of bombay was only one coat!

Until next time, happy painting!