Glitter....well and some polish ;)

Hey guys! you know what today is! Thursday! Which means blue and orange mani for me! For all my new readers, I'm the president of the honor society at my college, and our school colors are dark blue and orange :)

Today was club rush for the semester and it took a lot of planning and organizing, and well let's face it, stressing on my part to get it all together. So after the event (from 10-1) we counted up all our money, we sold tri-tip like we always do ;) and we made $368.05!!! :D So I'm super proud of my members and myself!

So here is the mani I had today, pardon the dry fingers, I forgot my lotion in my bookbag today! O.o

So it's Chine Glaze starboard, with loose orange glitter on top :)

What do you think?

Until next time! Happy painting!